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Renaee Smith

International Award 

Winning Author

Renaee's Butterfly

Renaee Smith is an accomplished author who has published several books in different genres. Her children's books deal with social and environmental issues in a way that children can understand.

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Renaee's Butterfly



I cannot say how pleased I am to have purchased Renaee's book. I have a seven year old child and he is so excited to read and do the activities in the book. It's his favorite bedtime book. The activities are educational and entertaining and I would recommend this book to any parent who is looking to stimulate their child's creative and analytical mind. Great book!!!!!

Marble Surface
Renaee's Butterfly



Let me begin by saying bravo! A topic that may not be familiar to most has been introduced in an informative and enjoyable way. The author has provided the readers with dialogue that is simple and yet appealing to most readers. You do not realize you are being taught something important and most valuable. As a mentor text, this book could be utilized in a fifth grade science class. An added plus to the book is that that author has included a section that will allow for further discussion, fun, and the ability to create a compost heap.The author is well aware of what needs to be in a good children's book

Marble Surface
Renaee's Butterfly



I bought this book for my daughter but read it myself first. We both looooove it. Well written Renaee. Very reminiscent of our days in Jamaica on our various track teams. This book is great as a gift to any child...not just one who is inclined to it shows how hard work..a great support system and never giving up can reap success and great rewards. I loved the great compost heap as well. Great job.

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