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About Renaee Smith

Renaee Smith is an international award winning, accomplished author who has published several books. Her books deal with social and environmental issues in a way that children can understand. 

Smith was born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She is a wife, mother of three boys who currently resides in New Jersey. She is the CEO of Independent Authors Book Experience a nonprofit organization that helps independent authors and the founder of the Annual Independent Authors Book Expo started in 2014. She is also the CEO of Independent Authors Publications a boutique publishing company designed to assist the writer "Bring Their Books to Life".

Mrs. Smith has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Actuarial Science and Insurance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. She works as the Director of Development for a non-profit organization that provides homes for the homeless and near homeless. 

Mrs. Smith writes in 2 main genres; children's books and cookbooks. It was her love for cooking and baking that sparked her gift for writing.  Her first book was her cookbook "Jamaica's Forgotten Treats" and  then “Memba When”. Her cookbook “Memba When” has received international recognition. It was awarded the Best First Cookbook for Jamaica from Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2014. 

In the Community

Mrs. Smith is very involved in her community previously holding the positions of Commissioner on the Board of Education as well as the Director of Membership for the Chamber of Commerce.


She has been an active member of the Parent Teacher Group, holding the position of President and many other positions for several years. Mrs. Smith is a Jamaican for real and holds many other titles Realtor, Crochet items designed by Mrs. Smith herself.


Mrs. Smith attends Second Baptist Church where she is a member of the Christian Writers Ministry, the Co-Chair for the Women's Day Committee and a member of the Media Ministry. When she is not working on her many projects she loves to read, crochet, travel with her family and write.

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Her Freddie Series


Her children's books have stunning full-color illustrations and educational messages that will inspire young readers. With her books she seeks to educate, inform and inspire. ​You will meet Freddie the lovable 9 year old in this 4-part series which is the perfect way to follow Freddie’s adventures in different environments and situations."The Great Compost Heap” which will enlighten elementary students and the community about composting, and how they can use this to help the environment.

Freddie’s First Race”, helps children to understand that with hard work and determination you can realize you dreams, In her children’s book, "Freddie's Good Deed", children learn to do good deeds because it's the right thing to do, without expecting anything in return. Her most recent children's book "Freddie Goes to the Beach" deals with family; spending time with them and having a great day at the beach. 

​Visit the bookstore to purchase the four pack Freddie's Series just released or purchase them individually. Your child or the children in your life will be sure to enjoy the full set. 

Her Cookbooks

Jamaica’s Forgotten Treats –  a compilation of traditional Jamaican snacks and treats. The recipes are simple, fun and have been kept authentic and true to Jamaica. This cookbook is for anyone who likes to bake and try different recipes. Buy this cookbook and try one of these truly delicious recipes and experience a taste of Jamaica. 


Memba When -  this is a compilation of recipes that you won't find in any other cookbook. They are recipes that were relied on by Renaee's mother, grandmother and many other Jamaican mothers when things and times were hard. Renaee hopes you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as she did. 

Her Other Books

31 Days Front Cover.jpg

 31 Days of Encouragement is a calendar that serves as a motivational tool with words of inspiration, along with uplifting images of joy and reflection. It can be used month after month. It makes a great gift for the graduate going off to school for the first time or that loved one who needs that inspirational boost OR get a copy for yourself as a daily reminder to give thanks and to be inspired and to keep pushing forward. 

“Who Turned The Lights Out?”, sheds light on the issue of the homeless and the near homeless. Although not a part of the Freddie series is a book that Mrs. Smith holds dear to her heart as she explains homelessness to children in a non threatening way. 

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