Having an author visit is a great way to engage students and promote literacy. The students get to hear the author read from their books and can ask questions about their inspiration for the book.

​These assemblies are fun and inspirational. The presentation emphasizes the qualities that make writing effective. It inspires students to grow as writers, and as readers. Children leave saying "I want to be an author when I grow up!"

​There are two options


​·         I will talk about being an author and my inspiration for writing my books.

·         Read Aloud from the featured book as the pages are projected on screen.

·         Students will have a question and answer at the end of the reading.


​(For the "The Great Compost Heap)

·       I will talk about being an author and my inspiration for writing my books.

·         Students will create their own compost heap using materials provided.

·         Discuss and review what was learnt during workshop.

This interactive workshop is hands on and gives students an appreciation of the three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle using items that would normally be considered garbage. School visits can compliment classes in writing and science.

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Renaee Smith

Renaee Smith is an international award winning, accomplished author who has self-published several books. Her books deal with social and environmental issues in a way that children can understand, “The Great Compost Heap” which will enlighten elementary students and the community about composting, and how they can use this to help the environment, “Freddie’s First Race”, helps children to understand that with hard work and determination you can realize you dreams, “Who Turned The Lights Out?”, sheds light on the issue of the homeless and the near homeless. Her most recent children’s book, "Freddie's Good Deed

 In addition to this Mrs. Smith is a cookbook book author, her cookbooks include “Jamaica's Forgotten Treats” and “Memba When”. Her cookbook “Memba When” has received international recognition. It was awarded the Best First Cookbook for Jamaica from Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2014. 

​You can contact me at info@iabx.org


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